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About us

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LunyOne, based in Langenfeld, Germany, is your reliable partner in influencer marketing. With nearly 12 years of expertise, our CEO Lukas Ortner, who started his journey on YouTube, leads our dynamic team. We manage over 50 in-house creators, who together reach more than 50.000.000 followers, and have access to 1,500 influencers across the DACH region. Specializing in gaming, entertainment, lifestyle, and comedy, we provide comprehensive support from start to finish. We excel in both short-form content for TikTok and Instagram, and long-form content for YouTube and Twitch. Our holistic approach ensures tailored campaigns that maximize visibility, engagement, and ROI for your brand. Additionally, we offer merchandising through LunyMerch and live creator support with LunyLive.

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LunyOne™ is a German influencer marketing agency founded in 2021 by Lukas Ortner and Niclas Seebode. Lukas, known as Puuki, has over 1.6 million subscribers across various platforms and brings direct experience as a content creator. While Niclas complements this with his expertise in business and marketing. Together, they have built a strong track record of success, spanning across diverse sectors including (mobile) gaming, entertainment, and beyond. Now, tremendous visions are waiting to be realized together with you.

Our influencer marketing agency is characterized by a young, dynamic team that brings fresh, creative advertising concepts and extensive experience in social media. Through structured and effective teamwork, our carefully planned, target audience-oriented influencer marketing campaigns achieve optimal results in various areas.

Stunning influencer advertising campaigns across all social media channels, supported by daily videos on the most influential YouTube channels in the German-speaking region. We provide everything necessary for the optimal marketing of your product. Our close and long-term collaboration opens up various opportunities to successfully present your product.

We see ourselves as a bridge between companies and influencers, between product and customer. Our marketing campaigns reach and influence millions of people. As a full-service influencer agency, we ensure the best possible marketing of your product.

From the first contact to the final analysis of the project, we work closely with you. Our services include cross-platform advertising campaigns and individual product placements. After precisely defining your target audience, we develop a campaign tailored to your needs. We design each campaign to achieve the best possible results and fully meet your expectations.

We let the numbers speak for us: We already work with some of the most well-known influencers in the DACH region, reaching a multi-million audience on YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Instagram, and more. How do we achieve this? Detailed analysis, precise planning, professional execution, and a love for detail. From close collaboration with companies and influencers arise target-specific, creative, and efficient marketing campaigns that all participants can be proud of.



Our Services

Advertising Campaigns

Influencer marketing is the most effective way to fully promote products. This strategy leverages the popularity and authenticity of influencers across platforms like YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, and Instagram to precisely target specific audiences. Our campaigns are carefully planned and professionally executed, ensuring that we select the best-suited influencers to optimally present your product. In close collaboration with companies and influencers, we ensure that your product becomes visible on social media. Through creative and authentic content aligned with your brand’s values, we not only generate visibility but also strengthen trust and brand loyalty. This leads to an effective increase in brand awareness.

Individual Campaigns

We precisely tailor each campaign to meet the specifications of our clients and the distinct audiences of the influencers. This seamless integration of each influencer’s unique attributes with the client’s brand objectives allows us to create partnerships that foster genuine engagement and not just transient attention.

Event ManagEment

Marketing events like Gamescom provide an excellent opportunity for effective product presentations. Whether autograph sessions or stage performances, these events are meticulously planned, actively promoted via social media, and professionally executed. They offer companies the ideal platform to generate interest and excitement onsite among an engaged audience.

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Our Team

Our Team

Our team is our POWER!

We are a young, dynamic team at LunyOne, with many members originating from the content creator scene, actively engaged, or formerly active in creating content themselves. Our passion for our team is evident in our collaborative spirit and shared dedication to innovation in influencer marketing.

Lukas Ortner


Niclas Seebode

Head of Campaign Management

Loek de Vogel

Junior Influencer- & Campaignmanager

Greta Morgenstern

Junior Influencer- & Campaignmanager

Our Creators

Our portfolio of creators spans platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitch, and more. With a diverse array of talents and specialties, our team encompasses both long-form and short-form content creators. Explore our creators by clicking on one of the buttons below.

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Long-Form Creators

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Our Clients

We collaborate with over 250 companies globally, spanning diverse sectors including gaming, lifestyle, and more. From industry giants to innovative startups, our expertise caters to the needs of every business, delivering tailored influencer marketing solutions that drive impactful results.

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Campaign Management

Our promise: Creative and customized influencer marketing campaigns, expert advice, and professional execution. Influencers that perfectly match your needs and comprehensive success monitoring. But how do we manage this?

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Our Brands


    Short & Long

    LunyOne is taking care of influencer marketing activities in DACH.


      TikTok Live Agency

      LunyLive is an official TikTok Live Agency taking care about creators in DACH.


        Creator Merchandising

        LunyMerch is taking care of creator merchandising and own products.

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